The Week in Review - Top Inbound Marketing News for July 4, 2016 Blog Feature
Geoff Bennetto

By: Geoff Bennetto
July 4th, 2016

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The Week in Review - Top Inbound Marketing News for July 4, 2016

Week in Review

Click here to check out the Top Inbound Marketing News for July 4, 2016!Welcome back to another Week in Review! It's time to dive into the top inbound marketing news from the past week that will help you take your marketing to the next level.

Bitly explains how Twitter just eliminated the 140 character limit, but not really. Duct Tape Marketing reveals how to craft a core message about your brand. Crazy Egg shares 8 tips for conversions that low traffic websites need to use. Finally, Digital Marketer interviews Frank Kern about how he is using Facebook Live to fill his funnel.

From Bitly: Everything You Need To Know About Twitter’s New Character Count 

It has always been a challenge to create juicy tweets that will gain you thousands of retweets and new followers. One of the biggest reasons for the difficulty has been the 140 character limit for your tweets. This is especially true when you need to mention someone with their twitter handle and add a photo to your tweet. Thankfully, Twitter has made changes to their 140 character count limit. These changes are sure to make your life a lot easier. Get all the details in the post from @bitly

From Duct Tape Marketing: How To Create A Core Message 

Standing out from the crowd is much easier after you listen to this podcast episode with Duct Tape Marketing. They cover topics like "Talking Logos", "Themes of Value", and more. By the end of this episode, you will have dug deeper into what you do and what you bring to the table than you have in the past. You will expand on why you are uniquely different and how you can best serve your ideal client in ways that only you can.

From Crazy Egg: 8 Methods That Work (And Those That Don’t) For Conversion Optimization on Low-Traffic Websites 

If you have a low traffic website and you want to turn it into a conversion machine, this post is for you. Neil Patel covers topics like country specific keywords, buyer personas, in-page analytics, and more. Having a website with low traffic can feel like a uphill battle at times, but it makes you a better marketer because of it. Focusing on gaining conversions first is a smart play because it gives you the funds to work on building your brand after, not to mention the testimonials you'll gain.

From Digital Marketer: How Frank Kern Generates Sales and Goodwill with Facebook Live 

If you like to spread a lot of goodwill content to your social networks, Facebook Live will really shock you. Frank has generated $13,052 in sales from the show structure he developed. I think this will be a great channel that businesses will want to get on right now. Make sure you listen to this episode as soon as you can.

And that's a wrap. Join us every Monday for the Week in Review where we bring you the top Inbound Marketing News! Have a great week.

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