Content Marketing - The Ultimate Framework [Infographic]

By Geoff Bennetto Published Wed, June 29, 2016

When it comes to content marketing, you may be playing this internal guessing game about what content you need to create so buyers start flooding your email inbox with orders.

You have a decision to make:

do you just create what you think they want?


do you create what data tells you they want?

If your plan is to go with the data, keep reading. If you chose the other answer keep reading anyway, your bottom line will thank you.

So, how do you create the right content for the right person at the right time?

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Get Your Social Media Marketing Done In 30 Minutes [Infographic]

By Geoff Bennetto Published Wed, May 25, 2016

How much time do you spend on social media per day on your business? 10 minutes? Half an hour, one hour, two or more?

I know a lot of business owners that spend hours a day on social media. They say they are marketing but the only thing growing is their social posts, not their business.

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Your Homepage - 12 Key Elements You Must Have [Infographic]

By Geoff Bennetto Published Wed, May 11, 2016

Your homepage plays a vital role in the success of your business online.

Typically, it is the one page with the most traffic and it will usually be the one that comes up first in search engine results.

So the question you're probably asking is "what should I put on my homepage"?

This post has what you need to know.

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Video Marketing - 21 Ideas You Need To Know [Infographic]

By Geoff Bennetto Published Wed, May 4, 2016

Video marketing.

It sounds exciting and fun! You know you should be producing more videos and getting your message out there, using video since it is one of the most popular mediums to date.

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Marketing Automation - Your Handy Thesaurus [Infographic]

By Geoff Bennetto Published Wed, April 27, 2016

Having trouble figuring out what exactly your fancy new marketing automation software is talking about? Don't worry, tech companies actually hire people to develop confusing new terms for a standard feature, so they appear to be huge innovators in the industry...

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