Boost Ad Performance Using Brain Anatomy [Infographic]

By Geoff Bennetto Published Wed, December 30, 2015

Brains are good for more things than zombie food.

I am about to teach you how to use the human "animal brain" to make your ads perform better than you could ever imagine. If that interests you, keep reading. 

Working with people's emotions in advertising will really improve your chances of getting attention in a world where most people are bombarded with an average of 3,000 ads every day.

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The Psychology of Word-of-Mouth Marketing [Infographic]

By Casey Cleary Published Wed, September 2, 2015

Do you know what motivates your ideal customers to share content online? Understanding the psychology behind social sharing will help you create a successful word-of-mouth marketing strategy that focuses on more of what your customers want.

In the ReferralCandy infographic below, you'll learn about the motivating factors of word-of-mouth sharing from your customer's point of view, the kinds of content shared for each factor, and the psychology behind it all.

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