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Create Buyer Personas Using 4 Simple Steps [Infographic]

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In this post, you're going to learn how to create buyer personas using four simple steps.

One of your first steps in creating any inbound marketing campaign is to create your buyer persona (or personas - whatever the case may be).

Creating your buyer persona is extremely important and should be given the proper amount of time and attention. You need to get this part right.

Web Analytics

Your web analytics will be a great resource for Information about your buyers. For example, if you look at page traffic you could find out what pages are getting the most traffic. Then look at the type of content on those pages. This will give you a good idea of where your buyer persona is while on your site, and tell you what they're looking for.

Looking at the bounce rate of different pages will tell you whether or not that type of content was something that got your buyer engaging with your site.

You will certainly want to take note of your volume of mobile traffic. If your buyers prefer to use mobile to browse the web, you want to make sure that both your website and the content you're posting is conducive to a great mobile experience.

Take a look at your conversion rates to see what content has gotten you the most opt-ins, whether it be for your newsletter or your premium content pieces.

Look at where your backlinks are coming from and look at the type of people that view those webpages to get even more data.

For example, if I was a homebuilder I may notice that a lot of the pages on my site that talked about multi-family homes have a lot of traffic. I would then look to see if those pages got a lot of mobile traffic and then see what multi-family pages got a lot of conversions. Then I would look to see what sites linked to those pages. Maybe it was a mom's blog that talked about modern duplex designs in a video and linked to my site as an example. This would tell me that one of my buyer personas are moms on a mobile device who enjoy videos and are interested in duplex homes with modern design elements.

Your Own Business Intelligence

Your CRM can be one of your best resources for building a buyer persona. You can look at your sales statistics and find out what products have sold the most historically. From there you would check your existing user profiles and gather data from there about who purchased those products. Look through your sales teams notes from calls/emails and find out who was pleasant to deal with, what kind of questions they ask, and what the time length to the sale was.

Execute Surveys

Surveys are an amazing resource for getting valuable data like gender, age, geo-location, income, etc. about your site visitors to help build your personas. There are a lot of great survey tools out there. You can incentivize these surveys as well, to get more people to take them.

Construct Your Personas

Give your persona an actual name like First-time Fiona or Business Owner Bruce. Then find a photo online of someone that looks like your persona.

Once you have all of this data together you want to analyze it to define what your persona's needs and pains are.

  • What problem are they looking to solve?
  • What do they need to solve this problem?
  • What information are they searching for?

Once you have done this you want to write a story about your buyer persona that summarizes these needs and pains along with demographic and other data.

Thank you to MarketingProfs for the great infographic.


As you can see there is a lot that goes into a buyer persona but the payoff for taking the time to create it will be well worth the time invested in creating it. Remember that the buyer persona is only part of your inbound marketing campaign. Luckily, we have created a very handy checklist for you, simply click the button below to get yours!

Click here to get your free checklist and start creating your own inbound marketing campaign today!

What was your biggest takeaway from this post? How many buyer personas have you created? Let us know in the comments below.



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