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Crossing the Digital Divide [Infographic]

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It's not something that should be a really big surprise: the digital divide from viewing media online versus print has been growing steadily.

But 2013 is the first year where digital devices were used to view media more than any other form.

Print, radio and yes, even television, are no longer the dominant sources for media.

People are spending more time on their computers, phones and tablets than anything else.

Some interesting trends to note:

  • In June 2012 Netflix streamed over 1 billion hours of content.
  • About 170 newspapers in the US have shut down since 2008.
  • People spend over an hour/day on their smartphones and tablets.
  • While radio and print have shown a decline since 2012, television didn't first show a decrease until 2012.

In 2012 people were spending an average of just over three hours a day on a digital medium (computer, tablet, smartphone) whereas in 2013 it's up to over five hours a day! This means the people who have a mobile version of their site are working this trend. News sites like CBC offer a mobile version or regular version when you log onto their site from your smartphone.
































































































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