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CTA 101: Best Practices for a Powerful Call to Action

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If your home builder company is doing any kind of marketing (and we sure hope it is!), you’ll need to include a call to action (called a CTA for short) on all your marketing material. Excluding CTAs out of your marketing means losing out on qualified leads. And if you miss out on these leads, you're missing out on revenue.

Calls to action are essential in directing a home buyer through each stage of your sales funnel, onto the next.

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We’re going to share with you the best practices for creating the most enticing CTAs for maximum results.

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What is a CTA?

I guess we should first examine what a CTA actually is before we get into the nitty-gritty. A CTA is a statement designed to have a user perform a desired action. What that action is, well it depends on the page it's on and what you want your user to do. It could mean downloading a free content offer, subscribing to your newsletter, or requesting to chat with a member of your team about a question they have.

Say you have a blog on your home builder website showcasing informative articles for your buyer personas, and featuring your show homes and quick possession homes, but you didn’t include any call to actions. Now, many people would think it's obvious what the next steps would be after say, reading about a brand new quick possession home, but what if the reader isn’t ready to buy or build their home yet? What if they stumbled upon your blog because the title was interesting to them, but there was nothing more there to entice them to stay on your website?

Having an effective CTA on your blog posts can persuade your potential buyers to give you their information so you can start nurturing them, marketing to them. It can also drive your readers to a page where they become a conversion — by contacting you for more information, requesting you to contact them, etc.

Effective CTAs can also decrease your bounce rate, which is good for SEO, and that brings us to our next section.

SEO Importance

Not only is a call to action important for directing your potential buyers to the next steps, but they are helpful in increasing your click-through rate (or CTR). When visitors explore your website by clicking around and viewing pages, it makes your site look more reputable to search engines. The more time a visitor spends on your website, the better, and having an effective CTA can help with this.

So how do you create an effective CTA?

CTA 101: Best Practices for a Powerful Call to Action Types ImageDifferent Types of CTAs

There are a few types of different tactics and types of CTAs you can create that can be successful, and this includes the following:

  • Action-Packed Text: Instead of “click here” or “submit” use language like “get my free offer” or “I want my guide”. Remember to keep it short though. Under five words is best practice. And go with first-person speech. Instead of “get your offer” say “get my offer”. This puts a focus on your customers instead of your company. The other great part about using this type of speech is that it adds to your value proposition.

  • Buttons: Download Now, Free Trial, Add to Cart. Try to create a sense of urgency, “Sign Me Up Now” or “Download Today”. And make the colour of your button stand out from the rest of your website. Contrasting colours, like green and orange, work best for this. You can also play with the shape of your button or add effects like embossing or a drop shadow. A simple rounded edge is also a nice touch. And in this case, size matters. Make your text and button large enough to read but not too big that it looks menacing.

  • Images: You can get a bit creative with images and add more text to an image call to action. Choose a strong headline that grabs your customers' attention like “Sign Up Now” with a sub-headline of “Be The First To Know” with additional text about your offer — in this case, it would be a subscription to your homebuilder newsletter. Colour is very important here as well. Your entire image can be a completely different colour from your site or just the button on the image can stand out. Doing A/B split testing with an image CTA is always a good idea, as you’ll find out which CTAs are enticing more people to click on it.

Proper Placement

The best place for your CTA is above the fold. Having it closer to the top of the page gives you a much higher chance of your readers seeing it. You can also place another at the bottom of the page, as a reminder to your reader that you are offering something wonderful.

There’s definitely nothing wrong with having more than one call to action on your page and with this technique, you can try different images (colours, wording, etc.) to see which gets more clicks. Giving your reader another chance to get the offer will only result in a better chance of converting them into a customer.

Start Converting Your Leads!

The call to action is a powerful tool for boosting conversions. It is also one of the most difficult to master. You have only limited time or text to inspire prospects to act.

If you're interested in hiring someone to help with CTA creation, contact us today. Marketing Ninjas specializes in marketing services for home builders. Our easy and powerful solutions get more qualified leads into your showhomes. It all starts with a conversation!

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