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The Habits of Facebook Users: Why They Like, Comment and Share [Infographic]

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The key to an effective social media marketing strategy is understanding how your audience reacts to what they see in their timelines. Since Facebook has such a massive user base and is a must for any business to be on and using to promote themselves, it's a good idea to learn the habits of Facebook users so you can post the right kind of content that receives the most engagement.

In the Quick Sprout infographic below, you'll get an awesome visual representation into the minds of Facebook users so you can better align your content marketing efforts to suit their needs, interests, and make deeper connections with your audience.

The Habits of Facebook Users: Why Do They "Like"?

According to Facebook, "Like" is a way to give positive feedback or to connect with things you care about. On average, 44% of Facebook users "like" content posted by their friends at least once a day, with 29% doing so several times per day.

People "like" things for a few reasons. It's a quick and easy action. If you enjoy something it's easy to give it a thumbs up. Users also do it to affirm something about themselves. You can tell a lot of things about a person by what their likes. The third reason is that they can express virtual empathy, which is a lot easier to do when their leisurely scrolling through their timeline. It's also a practical way for users to keep up to date with a brand they like or to receive valuable coupons. 

Why Do They Comment?

People often have something to say and it's much more satisfying to comment or receive comments compared to likes. It's an easy way to communicate how you feel about something without the pressure of speaking in a real social setting. 

Why People Hit the "Share" Button

Users share posts on Facebook for a wide variety of reasons. If something is funny, important, or interesting to them, they are far more likely to share it with their friends. Sometimes a user might share things to recommend a product or service they tried and liked. This is what businesses crave on social media. As long as it's for good reasons, it's always good to see your content being shared by your fans. 

Now that you have some insight into why users engage the way they do on Facebook, you can channel these actions into your marketing strategy to help build your brand and reach more users

The Habits of Facebook Users: Why They Like, Comment and Share Infographic image

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Was this infographic on the Habits of Facebook Users helpful? What does your Facebook marketing strategy look like and how is it working? Let us know in the comments!


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