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So You Want to Know How to Use Twitter? [Infographic]

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Come on, you know you can't neglect Twitter. A couple of sales-y tweets twice a week isn't going to help your credibility.

But do you know some of the keys to using Twitter to grow your business effectively?

How did you decide on your username?

There's character counts, direct messages, hashtags, retweeting, modified tweets and more!

So where do you begin and how can you utilize Twitter in a way that stands out?

Check this out:


Some handy tricks to use Twitter correctly:

  • Your username can include letters, numbers and the underscore symbol. That's it.
  • Choosing a good avatar (A.K.A.: your profile image) and having a great bio write-up increases your chances of gaining more followers.
  • Auto tweets and bots can be helpful, but in SMALL doses ;)
  • Please, we're begging you, do not #hashtag every word in your tweet. Please...

What are your plans to use Twitter more effectively? What strategies have you already implemented? Share with us by commenting below!


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