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Killer Content Curation is Key [Infographic]

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Are you wanting to take advantage of the valuable marketing tactic that is content curation, but don't know where to start? 

Content curation is an essential tactic for marketers and businesses. Below, you will learn what curating content is all about, why you should be doing it and a few awesome curation tools you should be using. This infographic by Uberflip will get you on your way to becoming a curating pro!

"(Content curation is) the process of analyzing and sorting Web content and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific time." -MacMillan Dictionary 

"Thoughts, words and ideas of others can be helpful to establish yourself as a value added resource and as a destination for information." - Brian Solis, Marketing Expert

Why Content Curation?

The Top 4 Challenges for Content Marketers:

  • 75% - Having the time
  • 73% - Creating original content
  • 56% - Finding good content
  • 39% - Allocating staff

Main Objectives of Curating Content:

  • 85% - Establishing thought leadership
  • 80% - Increase brand visibility
  • 65% - Boost SEO

Where to Source Content?

  • YouTube - 72 hours of video uploaded per minute
  • Twitter - 140 million tweets sent every day
  • Facebook - 25 billion pieces of content shared every month
  • Tumblr - 2.3 million new posts via Tumblr every hour
  • Google News - 4.5 thousand sources in English

Tools for Marketers:

Social Bookmarking - Using platforms like Digg and StumbleUpon to post content that readers want to see on their feed

Content Aggregators - Posting interesting marketing content on user-submitted platforms like Reddit that target a specific topic (subreddit) with a group of subscribers attached to it.

Content Curators - Bringing together multiple relevant and valuable content sources from other people and sharing them with your audience in an organized fashion. is a great online curation tool where you can do this.


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Did you find this information about content curation helpful? What was one key takeaway you learned from this infographic? Let us know in the comments below!


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